Short and Stylish – Top Tips for Looking Taller

A lot of my shorter clients ask for styling tips and tricks to make them look taller, and what they should avoid wearing. Sc I’ve put all my best advice here in one blog for you!

Tonal colour from head to toe.

This creates a lengthening column of colour. If you wear a different colour on your top half to your bottom half you will visually shorten yourself.


This seems fairly obvious, but remember to keep the height of your heels in proportion – if you are very short you do not need a very high heel. In fact, going too high will only highlight your shortness. Matching your shoe colour to the colour on your legs is a simple but effective way to look taller. For example, if you are wearing bare legs, wear nude coloured shoes. Wear black shoes with black opaque tights. It’s another form of column dressing.

Shorter hemlines.

Going above the knee with your hemline will make your legs appear much longer than they are. But you can also embrace the midi trend by choosing a dress/skirt that has a shorter underlay over sheer lace, or wearing a fitted, deep V neck top, over a high waist midi skirt, with heels.

Highlight your waist.

Find wear your natural waist is by running your hands down the side of your torso. The most narrow part is the area you want to highlight. Make sure your tops and dresses are fitted in this area, or use the half tuck method on looser shirts.

Wearing belts and high waist skirts and pants, cropped tops and jackets will all visually lengthen your legs. And who doesn’t want long legs?

Point your toes.

Choose pointy toe shoes over rounded toes to visually lengthen your legs. This is especially useful when choosing flat shoes.



Smaller handbag.

It’s all about proportion. An oversized handbag will accentuate your shortness, but a small bag, clutch or a mini satchel will be perfect. Mini satchels are very on trend, so embrace them!

What to avoid…..

Big prints.

Mid calf length boots.

Wide length pants.

Round toe shoes.

Jeans that are too long, causing bunching at ankle.

Oversized accessories.

Midi length dresses and skirts with flat shoes.

Ankle straps.

3/4 length pants.

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Cankles – What to Wear and What to Avoid

Cankle – “The absence of a defined ankle on a person – whereby the calf of the leg merges directly into the foot.” Urban Dictionary

Ankles and calves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like most other body parts. Some women are naturally slender in the lower leg and others are not. Hormonal changes, pregnancy and fluid retention can also cause temporary thickening and swelling of the ankles.

Here are a few of my favourite tips on what to wear to visually lengthen and slim the lower leg and ankle, and what you should bypass to avoid highlighting or visually thickening the area.


Full Length Pants – Opt for a straight leg or boot cut style over leggings or skinny leg pants unless you’re wearing long boots.

Boots – Long boots worn over leggings or skinny leg pants will elongate and slim your legs. There are are a few stores that stock boots made for wider calves, such as Autograph Fashion but if you are unable to find a comfortable fitting pair, try some ankle boots, which can be worn underneath your boot cut or straight pants, or  matched colour with tights and leggings to wear with dresses and tunics.


Chunky Shoes – Look for some height and thickness in the heel of your footwear. Think proportionally – a more substantial shoe will make your ankle appear slimmer. Details on the front of the shoe, open backs and round toes are all features to look for.


Cropped Pants – These will draw attention to your calves and ankles. 

Ankle Straps – Direct attention to your ankles and also cut off the length of your leg, visually shortening.

Pointed Toes and Kitten Heels – Will make the foot look too large for the shoe. Think proportionally.


But wait….there’s more!

The length of your pants and boots, and the hemline of your dresses and skirts must also be a factor. Avoid anything that is mid calf length, instead find the narrow part(s) of your lower legs. This is usually just above and just below the knee.

Hemlines should be simple (no frills or flounces) and sit at the slimmest part of your leg. Try matching your hemline, hosiery and shoe colour for a longer, leaner look. 

Last but not least….Draw the attention upwards with a statement necklace, bold earrings or a scarf. Distraction works a treat!

Robyn X

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Three Wardrobe basics to buy during Winter Sales.


Winter sales are about to start in most clothing stores and although I’m not an advocate of waiting for it to go on sale before buying a garment, here are three items that you need in your winter wardrobe and can be bought on sale.

  1. Coat.


Metalicus Austin Textured Coat $199 (was $299.95)

A good quality coat in a timeless style will last much longer than just one winter.  A beige trench coat or a classically styled wool coat can be almost an investment, so buy the best quality you can afford. Which is even better if the coat is on sale. Make sure the colour and style will mix and match with your current wardrobe – you will want to be able to wear your new coat with everything. Look for a flattering fit and length.

2. Jeans

01 (1)

Jeanswest Tummy Trimmer Slim Straight $23.99, reduced from $69.99

Sale time is the perfect time to buy a high quality pair of jeans. When trying on jeans, remember that they will give almost a full size, so make sure the fit is super snug. Generally speaking, if you want a dressier pair of jeans, choose dark or black denim, but for a casual look, go for a lighter or faded denim. And yes, no matter what your age is, you can wear ripped jeans, while they remain on trend. For solving problems often encountered with buying jeans, read my blog here.

3. Leather boots.


Sandler Lennox Black Glove boots at Myer $174.96, reduced from $249.95

Not only will you be stepping out in style with a brand new pair of stylish leather boots, you’ll also have a spring in your step if you managed to get them at discounted price!

One of the most important thing about choosing boots, besides comfort, is the correct length. A flattering boot will lengthen and slim your legs, while the wrong boot will do the reverse. Choose a style that fits with the clothing you already own – if you have a wardrobe full of classic clothing, a pair of cowboy boots are not going to get much wear!


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Travelling with only 4 Pairs of Shoes

If you choose your shoes carefully, you can travel for extended periods of time successfully with only four pairs of shoes. As you’ll be wearing one of these pairs, you only have to pack three pairs into your case, giving you more space and weight for souvenirs!

Take into consideration the climate and purpose of your travel before choosing your shoes, but here is my guide:

  1. Comfortable and good looking walking shoes. You can wear these for sightseeing, exercising and shopping. Try to choose a lightweight and washable shoe, like this style from Diana Ferrari.

    Diana Ferrari ‘Scottie’washable sneaker $139.95  Available from Williams.

    2.  A pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats for a cooler climate OR sandals for warmer weather. Choose a neutral colour that will coordinate well with your clothing. Wear with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts again while sightseeing or shopping.


    ‘Prima’ballet flat from Spendless shoes. On sale for $19.99


    ‘Moonta’ sandal from Spendless shoes. On sale at $19.99

    3. Versatile heels. Choose a colour that matches with all your clothing, and a heel that you can comfortably wear for hours. Wear with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers for lunch and dinner, or anywhere where you want to dress up. A closed toe for cooler climates or strappy sandals for warmer weather.




    4. Thongs OR Boots. In hot climates, throw a pair of thongs (flip flops, jandals, or whatever you call them where you live) into your suitcase. Great for the beach, wearing around the pool or shopping in casual areas. If you’re travelling to cold weather then a pair of boots will be very handy. Choose a comfortable style in a neutral colour, with a low to mid heel. The length of the boot can be ankle, calf or knee – your preference.


    Shoe bootie from Dotti, $69.95


    Roxy Viva thongs, City Beach, $15.99

    And that’s it! Trust me, you do not need any more shoes. And seriously, if the worse happens you do find you need another pair, go shoe shopping. You have plenty of room in your suitcase to bring home one, two or three brand new pairs.

From Desk to Dinner in 15 Minutes

The silly season is here! We are all busy at work, and our social lives have moved from first gear into full throttle.

Here’s my quick guide on how to dress for those days when you rushing straight from work to dinner or drinks.

Desk – Wear a simple dress that flatters both your shape and colouring. A well cut blazer and sensible nude heels will complete the outfit.

Dress - Jeanswest $89.99 Jacket - Jeanswest $99.99 Shoes - Williams Corelli $49.99

Dress – Jeanswest $89.99
Jacket – Jeanswest $99.99
Shoes – Williams Corelli $49.99

Dinner – Remove the blazer, change into killer heels and add your accessories. Touch up your make-up (red, red lips) and hair. Have a great time!

Dress - Jeanswest $89.99 Shoes - Betts $79.99 Clutch- Novo $39.95 Jewellery - Collette Hayman

Dress – Jeanswest $89.99
Shoes – Betts $79.99
Clutch- Novo $39.95
Jewellery – Collette Hayman

Three ways to instantly looking slimmer!

What if I told you I can make you look like you’ve lost up to 10 kilos, without you even breaking a sweat?

While working as a stylist, I’ve learned many little tips and tricks (at least 25) that help to visually slim a body, and depending on your size, combining some of these will visually take up to ten kilos off you! Before I go any further, I personally believe that being slim is not the be all and end all of anything, but, while working as a stylist, I’ve learned that many women  do desire to look slimmer and it’s often part of the brief when hiring my services.

So here are three of my favourite and easiest tips:


  1. Push your sleeves up to just below your elbow to expose your wrists. Wrists are always proportionally slim and an attractive body part, so show them off. Highlight wrists with bangles, watches, bracelets etc to draw the eye towards them.

nude shoes

2. Match your hosiery to your shoes. This creates a longer, leaner looking leg. In summer, this means nude shoes.

v neck

3. Wear a deep V neckline (within reason!) . A deep V creates up/down eye movement, which is slimming. Balance wider hips with a wider neckline.

Each of these tips will visually take one to two kilos off – and I have over twenty more of them! If you would like to learn more, why not book into one of upcoming workshops, either in Devonport, Tasmania, or Rockingham, Perth, WA?

5 Steps to Choosing Comfortable Heels

I absolutely love high heels. I believe they are the magic wand of style – as soon as you put on a pair of heels, you gain height, look slimmer, your tummy flattens and your boobs and bottom look better. It’s not just Cinderella that a pair of heels can work magic for, although I’m not promising Prince Charming will appear if you follow my tips.Cinderella-Louboutin-sale-Cinderella-1

I’m intolerant of uncomfortable shoes these days, so I’ve taught myself what to look for when choosing a pair of heels.

.Although heels will never be as comfortable as a pair of slippers here are a few things to look for when choosing heels, beyond the height of the heel and a proper fit, that will lift the comfort factor.

1. HEEL PLACEMENT The centre of the shoe heel should sit directly in line with the centre of your heel. For this reason, the red shoe will most likely be more comfortable than the black shoe.

12457-1_n.  download (6)

2. PLATFORM SOLES Platforms beneath the sole of your foot add comfort. The thicker the sole of the shoe the more comfortable it is likely to be to wear. Adding gel inserts is also helpful. For this reason the patent leather shoe should be more comfortable than the other.

download (7) 12457-1_n

3. THICKER HEELS Thicker heels give greater stability, making them more comfortable. Wedges work for this reason, providing the complete sole of the shoe is in contact with the floor. The deeper red heel will be the more comfortable of these styles.

download (7) images (12)

4. SOFT SOLES Choose heels with soft rubber or leather soles which give and move with your feet, rather than hard soles like wood or hard plastic. The sandals below are the better choice for comfort.

2 images (13)

5. STABILITY If a shoe is very easy to slip on, it will also slip off very easily when you are walking. Look for sling backs or ankle straps in summer, and pumps or boots in winter. The black wedges will be a lot easier to walk in than the blue. If you find yourself slipping, add gel inserts to the shoe, beneath the sole of your foot.

images (14) Ladies Lovely Teal Blue Slip On Wedge Heels Sandals

Following these five steps should ensure that you end up with the most comfortable heels possible, that you can wear for hours, without having take them off. I know it’s unavoidable sometimes, but it’s a shame to see a beautifully dressed woman taking her heels off because of discomfort towards the end of an evening. Still, bare feet are better than bear feet…..

download (8) s7_631072_999_02