Returns: Repair, Replace or Refund?

A few days ago I bought an item at a store. It’s not an owner/operator store, but a nationwide chain store.

At the checkout, the sales assistant said to me “If there any problems, you can bring [the item] back for a store credit or replacement. We don’t give refunds.”

It’s actually illegal to say this. Because, by law, if an item is faulty the store MAY have to give a refund. But not always – it depends on the fault.

An example of a good store policy sign

  An example of a good store policy sign

This sign gives the impression that the store will not give refunds or exchanges, under any circumstances.

This sign gives the impression that the store will not give refunds or exchanges, under any circumstances.

If it’s a major fault, the customer can choose a refund, replacement or repair. On an item of clothing, a major fault would be something like the fabric tearing or fraying at the seam (on the first wear, and providing the garment is the correct size), or the colour running even though washing instructions were adhered to.

With a minor fault, the store gets to choose whether to repair, replace or refund. Buttons coming off, for example, is a minor fault.

If you simply change your mind, no matter what the reason is, then it’s entirely up to the store as to whether they refund, give store credit or do nothing at all.

To avoid any problems, always keep your receipts until the refund/return time has lapsed. The time frame will depend on the garment and it’s intended use. You can’t expect to return a garment that you’ve worn dozens of times before the problem arose.

Always wash in accordance with the instructions on the garment.

Lastly, deal with it as soon as you possibly can. Even if it’s a genuine fault, you’ll have your work cut out if you leave it for a few months before attempting to get a refund.

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Leggings – The Good, The Bad and The ‘Hooha’ Ugly.

legging warning

When I posted this picture on my Facebook page (Paterson Personal Styling) it went viral! On a page with only around 600 likes, it reached over 35000 people, had over 350 comments and was shared more than 200 times!

Clearly, wearing leggings as pants is regarded as a big (if not the biggest) fashion faux pas or our times. So why do we still see so many women wearing leggings as pants?

Leggings are super comfortable.

No matter how comfortable your favourite pair of jeans are, leggings will be more comfortable.

But for the comfort of others, do not wear your leggings like you would wear your jeans!

legging camel

The Number One rule when wearing leggings is to make sure your top is long enough to cover your hooha.

legging how to

On various social media sites, I’ve seen some suggest that if you’re young and slim you can get away with breaking the number one rule.

No. You cant. And here’s why:

When you break the number one rule and wear a shorter top, your hooha actually become the centre of attention. Yes, really!

Friends, family, work mates and complete strangers will have their eyes drawn to that particular part of your body. They’re not being weird or creepy – its an involuntary reaction, it’s because you have made it the focal point of your outfit.

legging hey girl

But, here’s the good news:

Leggings, long knit, scarf and boots look fantastic in Winter.

The leggings will slim the legs and offset the bulkiness of the knit. Leggings also work beautifully with layering. Here are a few of my favourite legging outfits found on Pinterest.

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Treat leggings more like thick tights and less like jeans or pants, and the world will be a much more pleasant place.

legging stop

3 Ways to Style a Long Cardigan this Winter

Long line cardigans seem to be in every clothing store this season, but how do you style them without looking like someone’s granny or a dumpling? (OMG! Is anyone else thinking of granny’s Golden Syrup dumplings right now?). I’m not going to deceive you – if you are short, you are going to find it hard to make it work, but it can be done. If you are a tall, rectangle shaped girl, then rejoice! This look has your name written all over it! Here are my three favourite ways to style a long line cardigan this season.

1. Wear with skinny jeans. If you need to balance out your lower half then tuck your jeans into boots – this will visually lengthen your legs. If you are short then heels are a must and also look for an asymmetrical hemline.


2. Wear over a dress with a belt or even as a dress. Be as adventurous as you like – you can have a bit of fun with how you drape and tuck.

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3. Mix up the hemline lengths. If you have legs the world needs to see, then wear with shorts, mini skirts or dresses. This is also a great look for shorter women.

1977200_1592204731016228_7793731315617731799_n 8b90cf5fca1aa6ef3bde4af2487ebcd0 4fcbb57c167261fb0fa60e9ff7b68ed32

Here’s a few tips to help you – keep your bottom half fitted i.e. skinny jeans, leggings and and fitted skirts or dresses. However, IF you are very tall and thin, (lucky you!) then wearing a long cardigan with boyfriend jeans and ballet flats or sneakers is a great look and you can get away with it. You can also wear bulkier knits, but the rest of us are better in lightweight fabrics. Wearing a block colour underneath your cardigan is lengthening and slimming. You can also see more styling ideas on my Pinterest board here.


Jeanswest $49.99

Katies Fashion $39.95

Katies Fashion $39.95

Rockmans $39.99

Rockmans $39.99

Any way, back to those dumplings….best served with ice-cream and cream. Click on the link above for this recipe.


Re-creating a look found on Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? As a stylist, it’s one of my most useful tools. I happily recommend to my clients that they start a Pinterest board to get a handle on what their ‘personal’ style is to begin with, and then refine and define that style.

My own personal style veers towards feminine first and foremost, and I fell in love with this outfit when I found the picture on Pinterest recently.


However, for my inverted triangle body shape and D cup bust, the high neckline on that particular dress would not be a very good choice for me at all. I found this alternative at Target, ($69) which although is strapless (again, not so good for me) will work as I will be wearing a cardigan over the top. The deep V neckline is far more flattering and the waist sits flatter over the tummy because there is less gathering.


The cardigan ($30) is also from Target. I like how it sits nicely to emphasize the waist.


Finding accessories is always the fun part and can sometimes be easy and other time very frustrating! Today, it was easy, thanks to a combination of online browsing and old fashioned pounding of the pavement….(phew!)

Target jewellery from $10

        Target jewellery from $10 

Target clutch $25

Target clutch $25

Payless shoes $44.00

Payless shoes $44.99

Lovisa Necklace $24.95

Lovisa Necklace $24.95

Rockmans sun

Rockmans sunglasses $24.95

So, if you’re not using Pinterest already, join up and start pinning. You’ll soon be re-creating many of the fantastic outfits you can find!