How to Wear a Scarf – Perfectly!

Scarves Equal Style in Winter

Adding a scarf can add instant warmth and style to your outfit, and here a few of my tips and tricks to scarf wearing that will raise your outfit much higher in the style stakes.

Your Body Shape Matters.

The way you wear your scarf can make you look taller and slimmer! One of my styling mantras (to do with everything you wear, not just scarves) is not to add bulk to areas you feel are already bulky enough.

If you are big busted you’ll suit a finer fabric scarf tied in a way that creates a deep V, or a scooped cowl. Leave some space beneath your chin!


Photo from Pinterest

For the oval / apple body shaped ladies, scarves worn long and narrow will be flattering. You can also tie a knot in the scarf just below your bust for another look.


Photo from Autograph Fashion

For those lovely ladies who are broader through the hips, thighs or bottom – well, you are the lucky ones! You can go to town with scarves – get on You Tube and watch the millions of tutorials on how to wear a scarf. Scarves are perfect for you – they help to balance, visually creating an hourglass body shape.


Photo from Katies Fashion

The Question of Colour

Because you wear your scarves close to your face, choosing a flattering colour is imperative. If you have a few minutes spare, grab all your scarves, and in natural light, hold each one up, right underneath your chin, and look at the effect the colour has on your skin and eyes. If your skin looks fresher and eyes brighter, it’s a keeper. If not, toss it.


Be Careful of Clutter

Finally, ensure that the scarf doesn’t clutter your outfit – if you have too many focal points to an outfit it (and you) will look messy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


Using a Personal Stylist – Why it’s the New Norm

In the early 1990’s, I was a young mother of two working part time as an aerobics instructor at various local Tasmanian fitness centres. One day, I came home and told my husband that I had an idea for a business, but that I would need to travel to mainland Australia to do the training for it. I discussed my idea with a few close friends, most of whom told me to forget it. I was living in a small Tasmanian city, and they could not see how my business vision would ever work.

No-one in their right minds would ever pay $20 an hour to have someone physically train them – personal trainers were only for the very wealthy and famous. I persisted and became one of Tasmania’s first female personal trainers.


Me! Circa 1995 – Photo by  Karleen Minney

More than twenty years later, Personal Trainers are used commonly by the general population. Everyone I know has used one at some stage, for a variety of reason.

A few years ago, as owner and manager of a fashion boutique, I did a Graduate Certificate of Business at University of Tasmania, and completed an assignment predicting that, in the same way people now use personal trainers to maximise their fitness goals, there would be a rapid growth in the use of Personal Stylists.

Why use a Personal Stylist?

We live busier lives these days, with different priorities. The rise of social media has made us become very much aware of the importance of our image. More and more women and men are choosing to use a stylist to help with their wardrobe, either on a one off basis, or two to three times a year.  You may think it’s expensive (around $100 per hour is an average fee) but go and add up how many items you have in your wardrobe that you’ve only worn once or twice, or, even worse, never. And how many hours and hours have you wasted trying to find the right outfit!

Instead of thinking “Can I afford to use a stylist?” ask yourself if you can afford not too?


Who uses Paterson Personal Styling?

Most of my clients are not rich and famous – most of them are everyday women living in normal circumstances who are feeling frustrated  and lost with their clothing and that their clothing doesn’t really reflect who they are and is not flattering to their body shape and colouring.

And I can fix that!

The benefits of using me as your Personal Stylist

My clients come to me because it saves them a lot of time and stress, and also quite a bit of money. Together we create a wardrobe that mixes and matches, is flattering shape wise and colour wise, and is in line with their lifestyle, personality and, importantly, budget.

before after 2

And you know what I love about personal styling particularly  in comparison to personal training?

The results are IMMEDIATE! I can make you look younger, slimmer and taller in about two hours!

Without you even breaking a sweat!


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


Knitwear and Body Shapes – The Easy Style Solution

bs5Autumn and Winter 2016 is all about knitwear! Of course, like any trend, not every style will suit every body shape, so here’s a quick run down on what to look for that will both flatter you and keep you up to date in the fashion stakes!

Big Bust/Broad Shoulder – Personal Style Choice

Women with bigger busts and/ or broad shoulders should always choose a style with a scoop or V- Neck. An asymmetrical hemline and elbow or 3/4 length sleeve are features which are flattering on you. Look for small tonal prints or plain colours.

Prominent Tummy/Pregnant- Personal Style Choice


Jeanswest Pure New Wool Collection

A long cardigan in a fine knit is the perfect style solution for you. Choose one with slight shaping under the bust, and check that it sits over the bust and not on the outside – it’s much more slimming. Plain lapels are best – waterfall cardigans do not hide your tummy, instead often adding bulk to where you already have bulk! You don’t have to choose a plain colour though – patterns and textures will be simply stunning on you, especially worn over a column of one colour from top to bottom. Push the sleeves up a little to show off your slim wrists and add a scarf for super styling!


Small Bust / Narrow Shoulders – Personal Style Choice


Jeans West 

If you have a small bust and your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you can choose roll necks and thicker knits to look snuggly and cosy all winter. For an edgier look, go for an off the shoulder sweater, or a roll neck vest- both  will look amazing on your body shape!

It’s Really Cold!


Temt and Valleygirl

On really, really cold days this winter try throwing over a poncho, over a fine merino wool pullover, jeans and boots. Invest in a some pieces made from merino wool if you are prone to feeling the cold – it really makes a difference. Choose garments in your ‘base’ wardrobe colours and they’ll mix and match with everything to keep you warm throughout winter. Portmans has a great selection of basics.


Portmans Merino Wool Collection

Do you have any problems styling particular trends? Please let me know by commenting. I’m happy to help…..

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


Body Shapes, Personal Styling and Fairy Godmothers.

body shapes

Can you relate to this? You have a friend/colleague/sister. You are both about the same height and weight, and wear the same size.  And yet, the outfit that looks so fabulous on her, makes you look 5 kilos heavier and 10 cm shorter! Why???

Horizontal Body Shapes

A common reason for this is because you have  different horizontal body shapes. A style that  flatters one woman can be a disaster on another.  A slim girl can have the same horizontal body shape as a curvier girl, and a short woman the same horizontal body shape as a tall one.  It’s not about how much you weigh, or what size dress you wear. 

There are many different variations and numerous descriptions of horizontal body shapes. I break it down to five : Triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, oval and hourglass. No fruits here! Each of these shapes has it’s own set of ‘rules’ of what styles to wear, and what to avoid. (To avoid turning into a pumpkin at midnight.)

Vertical Body Shapes

It’s not just your horizontal body shape that you need to dress for. Your vertical measurements must be taken into consideration too.  The length of your torso in comparison to your legs determines the length of the tops, jackets, coats and dresses you wear. Magically!


6 different women, 6 different body shapes, both horizontally and vertically. The only thing these women have in common is their weight – they each weigh 70 kgs.

Individual Features

Last, but definitely not least, are your individual features . Some examples?  Individually,  ideal necklines and also sleeve lengths are affected by the size of your bust.

Slim ankles look great in delicate, strappy sandals, whereas those same shoes will draw unwanted attention to thick ankles.

Glass slippers should fit ……



Personal Stylist or Fairy Godmother?

It’s my job to teach you to show off your assets for maximum impact, while drawing attention away from those bits you dislike the most. When you are styled in clothing that follows the guidelines for your body shape and features, I can guarantee you that you will look both taller and slimmer. And that makes you feel like Cinderella and me feel like a fairy godmother!


If you would like to know more, follow me on Facebook or  contact me via my website.

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Sizing up Accessories

You’re probably all aware of the fabulousness of accessories  You can draw attention to your best features, complete an outfit and create vertical lines with the right pieces.

But it’s also important to get the scale right, and match the size of the accessory to your frame.

For a petite woman, wearing big and/or chunky accessories will swallow her up and she will  look all out of proportion. This is especially noticeable when a petite woman wears high chunky heels. The eye is drawn straight down to the feet.

Petite women should choose necklaces with finer details and small to medium sized handbags.

A larger framed woman will look fabulous when she chooses big accessories – think bold statement necklaces, big totes and handbags, and chunky heeled shoes. Avoid thin strapped stiletto heels, small clutches and fine, short necklaces.

Larger framed women should choose longer statement necklaces, wrist cuffs, thick heels and medium to large sized handbags.


Recommended for large framed women – I especially like the narrow ankle strap. From Novo Shoes


A good choice for petite woman, from Novo Shoes


Petite women should choose small to medium sized handbags like this one from Colette Hayman.


Larger framed? Choose a medium to large sized bag like this tote from Colette Hayman


Necklace for a petite woman from Katies Fashion


If you’re a larger woman, you can choose bigger, bolder statement pieces like this one from Katies Fashion

Weight Loss and Wardrobe Management

So here we are – a few weeks into the New Year already! If you made a New Year resolution to lose weight and are sticking to it, you’re probably finding that your clothing is starting to become loose. Great, well done!


But, things don’t look so good now on you. And here’s the problem. If you’re only half way to your goal, you may not want to buy a lot of new clothes which will not fit you within a few weeks or months.

So here’s some advice: (Because you deserve to look and feel good every step of the way!)

  1. Start by removing everything from your wardrobe that is seriously too big. These clothes will no longer flatter you, and will most likely be simply uncomfortable to wear (especially pants and skirts that fall down).
  2. Buy a few basics  – look for garments which can be adjusted or altered quickly and simply. Fabrics with a bit of stretch (about 2%) will give you more bang for your buck.
  3. Purchase a couple of accent, trend pieces from the fast fashion cheaper chain stores. These keep your wardrobe up to date, and stop you from becoming bored.
  4. Find a good place to get your  high quality clothes altered.
  5. Buy clothing in capsules. A capsule is a few pieces that mix and match to create many different outfits.


By the way, shopping for new clothing is not always easier after weight loss. Many of my clients have found their new body shape has left them baffled! If this is you, I’m happy to help, or can recommend a  great stylist on your area. Contact me here.

And finally, please, always remember that you deserve to dress fabulously everyday. Don’t wait to be a certain weight!




Boxing Day Sales – Tips

Boxing Day and the days after are some of the most exciting shopping days of the year! Huge discounts everywhere! If you’re shopping for clothing here are a few tips:
1. Try before you buy, or be committed to returning (if store policy allows).
2. If you don’t love it, leave it.
3. Would you buy it at full price? Almost every wardrobe audit I do has a garment that was bought and never worn. When I ask, the answer is “I only bought it because it was on sale”. That is not saving money.
4. Be nice to the salespeople. They’re hardworking and probably very tired by now.
5. Have fun!

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