Pokemon Go – What to Wear!

It appears that catching Pokemon has recently become a national pastime and as such it’s my duty as a Personal Stylist to give you some guidelines on what to wear so you can look stylish while capturing Pokemon.

Footwear – choose comfortable and good looking shoes, with sufficient grip to allow you to run and leap when necessary.

Pants – choose a style with lots of stretch. Pokemon Go players are sometimes required to climb over fences into private property (so I’ve heard) so dresses are definitely out of the question.

Tops – A T-Shirt emblazoned with your favourite Pokemon is just perfect.

Costume – Cause confusion and show those Pokemon you mean business by disguising yourself as one of them.

Head wear – I suggest you wear a balaclava to avoid being recognised by friends and family.

Although this may lead to others misunderstanding your activity and YOU could end up being the one captured.

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Short and Stylish – Top Tips for Looking Taller

A lot of my shorter clients ask for styling tips and tricks to make them look taller, and what they should avoid wearing. Sc I’ve put all my best advice here in one blog for you!

Tonal colour from head to toe.

This creates a lengthening column of colour. If you wear a different colour on your top half to your bottom half you will visually shorten yourself.


This seems fairly obvious, but remember to keep the height of your heels in proportion – if you are very short you do not need a very high heel. In fact, going too high will only highlight your shortness. Matching your shoe colour to the colour on your legs is a simple but effective way to look taller. For example, if you are wearing bare legs, wear nude coloured shoes. Wear black shoes with black opaque tights. It’s another form of column dressing.

Shorter hemlines.

Going above the knee with your hemline will make your legs appear much longer than they are. But you can also embrace the midi trend by choosing a dress/skirt that has a shorter underlay over sheer lace, or wearing a fitted, deep V neck top, over a high waist midi skirt, with heels.

Highlight your waist.

Find wear your natural waist is by running your hands down the side of your torso. The most narrow part is the area you want to highlight. Make sure your tops and dresses are fitted in this area, or use the half tuck method on looser shirts.

Wearing belts and high waist skirts and pants, cropped tops and jackets will all visually lengthen your legs. And who doesn’t want long legs?

Point your toes.

Choose pointy toe shoes over rounded toes to visually lengthen your legs. This is especially useful when choosing flat shoes.



Smaller handbag.

It’s all about proportion. An oversized handbag will accentuate your shortness, but a small bag, clutch or a mini satchel will be perfect. Mini satchels are very on trend, so embrace them!

What to avoid…..

Big prints.

Mid calf length boots.

Wide length pants.

Round toe shoes.

Jeans that are too long, causing bunching at ankle.

Oversized accessories.

Midi length dresses and skirts with flat shoes.

Ankle straps.

3/4 length pants.

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Personal Shopping Online

Occasionally I get asked if it’s possible for me to do an online shopping session with clients who live in a remote areas (or anywhere not close to me).

Although I’m aware that this is a service offered by some stylists, it’s not one that I’m comfortable doing.

There are simply too many margins for error:

Colour – even if I have met the client and I’m fully aware of her colouring, it is impossible to know the EXACT colour of any garment by looking at a photo (especially when it comes to blues and purples). And you really cannot tell whether the colour is warm or cool until you are looking at it with your own eyes. When I am physically with a client I can see immediately whether the colour is flattering or not – and it’s  only a slight shade or tonal change that makes the difference.

Sizing – One store’s size 12 is another store’s size 16, is another store’s Medium etc etc.

Fit – How a garment sits on a client is so important! For example – Is the garment’s waist sitting on the client’s natural waist? If not, the client may appear to have a larger tummy. Where does the hemline sit in relation to the shape of the leg? The wrong hemline length can shorten and widen the client.

Comfort – Even if the colour, size and fit are perfect, I watch the client for signs that she might be feeling uncomfortable (physically and emotionally) in the garment. If she is not completely comfortable it goes back on the rack.

Time, Convenience and Cost – Clients come for a Personal Stylist because it’s an efficient and convenient way to solve your wardrobe dilemmas. Ordering online is not as quick, not if it’s done properly. Each garment photo has to be analysed and scrutinised. Measurements have to be checked.

Then you wait. For the parcel.  To arrive. If something is not right, then returns, replacements or refunds have to be organised. Then you wait. Again.

It’s a much quicker, convenient and reliable process to go to a shopping centre with a reputable Personal Stylist. Like me 🙂

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Winter Weekend Capsule Travel Wardrobe

Going away for a weekend this Winter? Margaret River or somewhere similar?

You really only need to take a few carefully selected garments, similiar to those above, to have an outfit for any occasion that may arise. Except a black tie function.

Here’s how to combine these items for 5 different looks:

Friday Night – Travelling and Arrival – A, D and G. 

Saturday Morning – Al Fresco Breakfast – A, B, E and H. Wear scarf and gloves for extra style and warmth.

Saturday Afternoon – Wine Tasting and Lunch – C, D , H and scarf.

Saturday Evening – Dinner – C, F and H. Wear E for extra warmth, and necklace for style.

Sunday – Check out, Breakfast and Travel – A, E, F , B and G. Add scarf and gloves for warmth and style.

You should be able to fit your weekend travel wardrobe, including toiletries, sleepwear and underwear, easily into an overnight bag. Leaving plenty of room in the boot for cartons and cartons of wine!


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I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Cankles – What to Wear and What to Avoid

Cankle – “The absence of a defined ankle on a person – whereby the calf of the leg merges directly into the foot.” Urban Dictionary

Ankles and calves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like most other body parts. Some women are naturally slender in the lower leg and others are not. Hormonal changes, pregnancy and fluid retention can also cause temporary thickening and swelling of the ankles.

Here are a few of my favourite tips on what to wear to visually lengthen and slim the lower leg and ankle, and what you should bypass to avoid highlighting or visually thickening the area.


Full Length Pants – Opt for a straight leg or boot cut style over leggings or skinny leg pants unless you’re wearing long boots.

Boots – Long boots worn over leggings or skinny leg pants will elongate and slim your legs. There are are a few stores that stock boots made for wider calves, such as Autograph Fashion but if you are unable to find a comfortable fitting pair, try some ankle boots, which can be worn underneath your boot cut or straight pants, or  matched colour with tights and leggings to wear with dresses and tunics.


Chunky Shoes – Look for some height and thickness in the heel of your footwear. Think proportionally – a more substantial shoe will make your ankle appear slimmer. Details on the front of the shoe, open backs and round toes are all features to look for.


Cropped Pants – These will draw attention to your calves and ankles. 

Ankle Straps – Direct attention to your ankles and also cut off the length of your leg, visually shortening.

Pointed Toes and Kitten Heels – Will make the foot look too large for the shoe. Think proportionally.


But wait….there’s more!

The length of your pants and boots, and the hemline of your dresses and skirts must also be a factor. Avoid anything that is mid calf length, instead find the narrow part(s) of your lower legs. This is usually just above and just below the knee.

Hemlines should be simple (no frills or flounces) and sit at the slimmest part of your leg. Try matching your hemline, hosiery and shoe colour for a longer, leaner look. 

Last but not least….Draw the attention upwards with a statement necklace, bold earrings or a scarf. Distraction works a treat!

Robyn X

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Using a Personal Stylist – Why it’s the New Norm

In the early 1990’s, I was a young mother of two working part time as an aerobics instructor at various local Tasmanian fitness centres. One day, I came home and told my husband that I had an idea for a business, but that I would need to travel to mainland Australia to do the training for it. I discussed my idea with a few close friends, most of whom told me to forget it. I was living in a small Tasmanian city, and they could not see how my business vision would ever work.

No-one in their right minds would ever pay $20 an hour to have someone physically train them – personal trainers were only for the very wealthy and famous. I persisted and became one of Tasmania’s first female personal trainers.


Me! Circa 1995 – Photo by  Karleen Minney

More than twenty years later, Personal Trainers are used commonly by the general population. Everyone I know has used one at some stage, for a variety of reason.

A few years ago, as owner and manager of a fashion boutique, I did a Graduate Certificate of Business at University of Tasmania, and completed an assignment predicting that, in the same way people now use personal trainers to maximise their fitness goals, there would be a rapid growth in the use of Personal Stylists.

Why use a Personal Stylist?

We live busier lives these days, with different priorities. The rise of social media has made us become very much aware of the importance of our image. More and more women and men are choosing to use a stylist to help with their wardrobe, either on a one off basis, or two to three times a year.  You may think it’s expensive (around $100 per hour is an average fee) but go and add up how many items you have in your wardrobe that you’ve only worn once or twice, or, even worse, never. And how many hours and hours have you wasted trying to find the right outfit!

Instead of thinking “Can I afford to use a stylist?” ask yourself if you can afford not too?


Who uses Paterson Personal Styling?

Most of my clients are not rich and famous – most of them are everyday women living in normal circumstances who are feeling frustrated  and lost with their clothing and that their clothing doesn’t really reflect who they are and is not flattering to their body shape and colouring.

And I can fix that!

The benefits of using me as your Personal Stylist

My clients come to me because it saves them a lot of time and stress, and also quite a bit of money. Together we create a wardrobe that mixes and matches, is flattering shape wise and colour wise, and is in line with their lifestyle, personality and, importantly, budget.

before after 2

And you know what I love about personal styling particularly  in comparison to personal training?

The results are IMMEDIATE! I can make you look younger, slimmer and taller in about two hours!

Without you even breaking a sweat!


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


Building Your Brand Using Your Wardrobe

In a recent blog post I explained the importance of making a good impression – in a nutshell, you have three seconds. So you can see that most first impressions will be based on body language and appearance.

Although most of us aware that it’s not nice to judge someone based on the way they look, we are doing it subconsciously all the time, and similarly, others are also making assumptions about us.

For the business person, using your wardrobe as part of your personal branding is a great strategy.cropped-robyn-paterson-19.jpg

Dress to reflect not only your personality, but also your business. And not just your business, but the most successful vision of your business. In other words- as Roxette once sang about – get dressed for success.

Today, I am talking specifically to owner/operators about how you can  enhance not only your own personal style, but also use your wardrobe to create an awesome personal brand for your business.

There’s a lot of stuff on the web about this, but I noticed that it’s quite generic. And yet, as small business owners, we are not generic! And the clothes we wear when conducting our business should not be generic either- we should radiate the essence of our business and reflect its personality.

But how do you give your business a style personality?

If you were to put your ‘why’, mission statement, point of difference, unique selling point AND you into a blender, what words would come out?

Professional, ethical and honest? Trustworthy? These are obvious words and most articles on wardrobes and branding are based on creating the image that you are all of the above.

But go further than just that. Look for the words that are less generic, more individual and unique. These words help you define the personality of your business.

For example, is your business creative or artistic?  Remember, you have only three seconds to impress upon your potential client that you are not only professional, ethical, honest – you are also creative and artistic, so your clothes should have an element of creativity or even drama about them.

Style a wardrobe to reflectyour business personality, in it’s most successful form.

You will be very comfortable wearing your ne
w work wardrobe, as it’s based  both, on you personally, as well as the fundamentals of your business. Think of your wardrobe as a logo for your business.jpg

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.