Winter Weekend Capsule Travel Wardrobe

 Going away for a weekend this Winter? Margaret River or somewhere similar.

You really only need to take a few carefully selected garments, similar to those above, to have an outfit for any occasion that may arise. Except a black tie function.

Here’s how to combine these items for 5 different looks:

Friday Night – Travelling and Arrival – A, D and G.

Saturday Morning – Al Fresco Breakfast – A, B, E and H. Wear scarf and gloves for extra style and warmth.

Saturday Afternoon – Wine Tasting and Lunch – C, D , H and scarf.

Saturday Evening – Dinner – C, F and H. Wear E for extra warmth, and necklace for style.

Sunday – Check out, Breakfast and Travel – A, E, F , B and G. Add scarf and gloves for warmth and style.

You should be able to fit your weekend travel wardrobe, including toiletries, sleepwear and underwear, easily into an overnight bag. Leaving plenty of room in the boot for cartons and cartons of wine!


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Travelling with only 4 Pairs of Shoes

If you choose your shoes carefully, you can travel for extended periods of time successfully with only four pairs of shoes. As you’ll be wearing one of these pairs, you only have to pack three pairs into your case, giving you more space and weight for souvenirs!

Take into consideration the climate and purpose of your travel before choosing your shoes, but here is my guide:

  1. Comfortable and good looking walking shoes. You can wear these for sightseeing, exercising and shopping. Try to choose a lightweight and washable shoe, like this style from Diana Ferrari.

    Diana Ferrari ‘Scottie’washable sneaker $139.95  Available from Williams.

    2.  A pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats for a cooler climate OR sandals for warmer weather. Choose a neutral colour that will coordinate well with your clothing. Wear with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts again while sightseeing or shopping.


    ‘Prima’ballet flat from Spendless shoes. On sale for $19.99


    ‘Moonta’ sandal from Spendless shoes. On sale at $19.99

    3. Versatile heels. Choose a colour that matches with all your clothing, and a heel that you can comfortably wear for hours. Wear with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers for lunch and dinner, or anywhere where you want to dress up. A closed toe for cooler climates or strappy sandals for warmer weather.




    4. Thongs OR Boots. In hot climates, throw a pair of thongs (flip flops, jandals, or whatever you call them where you live) into your suitcase. Great for the beach, wearing around the pool or shopping in casual areas. If you’re travelling to cold weather then a pair of boots will be very handy. Choose a comfortable style in a neutral colour, with a low to mid heel. The length of the boot can be ankle, calf or knee – your preference.


    Shoe bootie from Dotti, $69.95


    Roxy Viva thongs, City Beach, $15.99

    And that’s it! Trust me, you do not need any more shoes. And seriously, if the worse happens you do find you need another pair, go shoe shopping. You have plenty of room in your suitcase to bring home one, two or three brand new pairs.