Short and Stylish – Top Tips for Looking Taller

A lot of my shorter clients ask for styling tips and tricks to make them look taller, and what they should avoid wearing. Sc I’ve put all my best advice here in one blog for you!

Tonal colour from head to toe.

This creates a lengthening column of colour. If you wear a different colour on your top half to your bottom half you will visually shorten yourself.


This seems fairly obvious, but remember to keep the height of your heels in proportion – if you are very short you do not need a very high heel. In fact, going too high will only highlight your shortness. Matching your shoe colour to the colour on your legs is a simple but effective way to look taller. For example, if you are wearing bare legs, wear nude coloured shoes. Wear black shoes with black opaque tights. It’s another form of column dressing.

Shorter hemlines.

Going above the knee with your hemline will make your legs appear much longer than they are. But you can also embrace the midi trend by choosing a dress/skirt that has a shorter underlay over sheer lace, or wearing a fitted, deep V neck top, over a high waist midi skirt, with heels.

Highlight your waist.

Find wear your natural waist is by running your hands down the side of your torso. The most narrow part is the area you want to highlight. Make sure your tops and dresses are fitted in this area, or use the half tuck method on looser shirts.

Wearing belts and high waist skirts and pants, cropped tops and jackets will all visually lengthen your legs. And who doesn’t want long legs?

Point your toes.

Choose pointy toe shoes over rounded toes to visually lengthen your legs. This is especially useful when choosing flat shoes.



Smaller handbag.

It’s all about proportion. An oversized handbag will accentuate your shortness, but a small bag, clutch or a mini satchel will be perfect. Mini satchels are very on trend, so embrace them!

What to avoid…..

Big prints.

Mid calf length boots.

Wide length pants.

Round toe shoes.

Jeans that are too long, causing bunching at ankle.

Oversized accessories.

Midi length dresses and skirts with flat shoes.

Ankle straps.

3/4 length pants.

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Sizing up Accessories

You’re probably all aware of the fabulousness of accessories  You can draw attention to your best features, complete an outfit and create vertical lines with the right pieces.

But it’s also important to get the scale right, and match the size of the accessory to your frame.

For a petite woman, wearing big and/or chunky accessories will swallow her up and she will  look all out of proportion. This is especially noticeable when a petite woman wears high chunky heels. The eye is drawn straight down to the feet.

Petite women should choose necklaces with finer details and small to medium sized handbags.

A larger framed woman will look fabulous when she chooses big accessories – think bold statement necklaces, big totes and handbags, and chunky heeled shoes. Avoid thin strapped stiletto heels, small clutches and fine, short necklaces.

Larger framed women should choose longer statement necklaces, wrist cuffs, thick heels and medium to large sized handbags.


Recommended for large framed women – I especially like the narrow ankle strap. From Novo Shoes


A good choice for petite woman, from Novo Shoes


Petite women should choose small to medium sized handbags like this one from Colette Hayman.


Larger framed? Choose a medium to large sized bag like this tote from Colette Hayman


Necklace for a petite woman from Katies Fashion


If you’re a larger woman, you can choose bigger, bolder statement pieces like this one from Katies Fashion

Dress for Job Interview Success

Dressing appropriately for a job interview is one of the most important processes of job seeking. First impressions are made in less than a second, so the way you present yourself is significant.

But what is appropriate? A three piece power suit may impress a city law firm, but you will stick out like a shag on a rock if you’re interviewing for a creative marketing job! Check out your prospective workplace before the interview and aim to dress slightly better that the current employees. Don’t wear distracting items like short skirts, see-through garments, things that too tight, or too much make-up, perfume and jewellery- unless these are appropriate for the type of job you’re seeking.

And remember, that you are setting the criteria for your working wardrobe if you are successful at the interview, so let your personality show through. See the examples below for some inspiration or follow me at Paterson Personal Styling.



Copy the above look for an interview for an executive office job.

office 2.jpg

The above look is suitable when applying for ‘front of house’, reception and hospitality style jobs.



Boxing Day Sales – Tips

Boxing Day and the days after are some of the most exciting shopping days of the year! Huge discounts everywhere! If you’re shopping for clothing here are a few tips:
1. Try before you buy, or be committed to returning (if store policy allows).
2. If you don’t love it, leave it.
3. Would you buy it at full price? Almost every wardrobe audit I do has a garment that was bought and never worn. When I ask, the answer is “I only bought it because it was on sale”. That is not saving money.
4. Be nice to the salespeople. They’re hardworking and probably very tired by now.
5. Have fun!

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Re-creating a look found on Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? As a stylist, it’s one of my most useful tools. I happily recommend to my clients that they start a Pinterest board to get a handle on what their ‘personal’ style is to begin with, and then refine and define that style.

My own personal style veers towards feminine first and foremost, and I fell in love with this outfit when I found the picture on Pinterest recently.


However, for my inverted triangle body shape and D cup bust, the high neckline on that particular dress would not be a very good choice for me at all. I found this alternative at Target, ($69) which although is strapless (again, not so good for me) will work as I will be wearing a cardigan over the top. The deep V neckline is far more flattering and the waist sits flatter over the tummy because there is less gathering.


The cardigan ($30) is also from Target. I like how it sits nicely to emphasize the waist.


Finding accessories is always the fun part and can sometimes be easy and other time very frustrating! Today, it was easy, thanks to a combination of online browsing and old fashioned pounding of the pavement….(phew!)

Target jewellery from $10

        Target jewellery from $10 

Target clutch $25

Target clutch $25

Payless shoes $44.00

Payless shoes $44.99

Lovisa Necklace $24.95

Lovisa Necklace $24.95

Rockmans sun

Rockmans sunglasses $24.95

So, if you’re not using Pinterest already, join up and start pinning. You’ll soon be re-creating many of the fantastic outfits you can find!