Short and Stylish – Top Tips for Looking Taller

A lot of my shorter clients ask for styling tips and tricks to make them look taller, and what they should avoid wearing. Sc I’ve put all my best advice here in one blog for you!

Tonal colour from head to toe.

This creates a lengthening column of colour. If you wear a different colour on your top half to your bottom half you will visually shorten yourself.


This seems fairly obvious, but remember to keep the height of your heels in proportion – if you are very short you do not need a very high heel. In fact, going too high will only highlight your shortness. Matching your shoe colour to the colour on your legs is a simple but effective way to look taller. For example, if you are wearing bare legs, wear nude coloured shoes. Wear black shoes with black opaque tights. It’s another form of column dressing.

Shorter hemlines.

Going above the knee with your hemline will make your legs appear much longer than they are. But you can also embrace the midi trend by choosing a dress/skirt that has a shorter underlay over sheer lace, or wearing a fitted, deep V neck top, over a high waist midi skirt, with heels.

Highlight your waist.

Find wear your natural waist is by running your hands down the side of your torso. The most narrow part is the area you want to highlight. Make sure your tops and dresses are fitted in this area, or use the half tuck method on looser shirts.

Wearing belts and high waist skirts and pants, cropped tops and jackets will all visually lengthen your legs. And who doesn’t want long legs?

Point your toes.

Choose pointy toe shoes over rounded toes to visually lengthen your legs. This is especially useful when choosing flat shoes.



Smaller handbag.

It’s all about proportion. An oversized handbag will accentuate your shortness, but a small bag, clutch or a mini satchel will be perfect. Mini satchels are very on trend, so embrace them!

What to avoid…..

Big prints.

Mid calf length boots.

Wide length pants.

Round toe shoes.

Jeans that are too long, causing bunching at ankle.

Oversized accessories.

Midi length dresses and skirts with flat shoes.

Ankle straps.

3/4 length pants.

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Winter Weekend Capsule Travel Wardrobe

 Going away for a weekend this Winter? Margaret River or somewhere similar.

You really only need to take a few carefully selected garments, similar to those above, to have an outfit for any occasion that may arise. Except a black tie function.

Here’s how to combine these items for 5 different looks:

Friday Night – Travelling and Arrival – A, D and G.

Saturday Morning – Al Fresco Breakfast – A, B, E and H. Wear scarf and gloves for extra style and warmth.

Saturday Afternoon – Wine Tasting and Lunch – C, D , H and scarf.

Saturday Evening – Dinner – C, F and H. Wear E for extra warmth, and necklace for style.

Sunday – Check out, Breakfast and Travel – A, E, F , B and G. Add scarf and gloves for warmth and style.

You should be able to fit your weekend travel wardrobe, including toiletries, sleepwear and underwear, easily into an overnight bag. Leaving plenty of room in the boot for cartons and cartons of wine!


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I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Cankles – What to Wear and What to Avoid

Cankle – “The absence of a defined ankle on a person – whereby the calf of the leg merges directly into the foot.” Urban Dictionary

Ankles and calves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like most other body parts. Some women are naturally slender in the lower leg and others are not. Hormonal changes, pregnancy and fluid retention can also cause temporary thickening and swelling of the ankles.

Here are a few of my favourite tips on what to wear to visually lengthen and slim the lower leg and ankle, and what you should bypass to avoid highlighting or visually thickening the area.


Full Length Pants – Opt for a straight leg or boot cut style over leggings or skinny leg pants unless you’re wearing long boots.

Boots – Long boots worn over leggings or skinny leg pants will elongate and slim your legs. There are are a few stores that stock boots made for wider calves, such as Autograph Fashion but if you are unable to find a comfortable fitting pair, try some ankle boots, which can be worn underneath your boot cut or straight pants, or  matched colour with tights and leggings to wear with dresses and tunics.


Chunky Shoes – Look for some height and thickness in the heel of your footwear. Think proportionally – a more substantial shoe will make your ankle appear slimmer. Details on the front of the shoe, open backs and round toes are all features to look for.


Cropped Pants – These will draw attention to your calves and ankles. 

Ankle Straps – Direct attention to your ankles and also cut off the length of your leg, visually shortening.

Pointed Toes and Kitten Heels – Will make the foot look too large for the shoe. Think proportionally.


But wait….there’s more!

The length of your pants and boots, and the hemline of your dresses and skirts must also be a factor. Avoid anything that is mid calf length, instead find the narrow part(s) of your lower legs. This is usually just above and just below the knee.

Hemlines should be simple (no frills or flounces) and sit at the slimmest part of your leg. Try matching your hemline, hosiery and shoe colour for a longer, leaner look. 

Last but not least….Draw the attention upwards with a statement necklace, bold earrings or a scarf. Distraction works a treat!

Robyn X

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Deciphering Dress Codes – Made Easy

Have you ever been invited to a function and been unsure of the correct style of outfit to wear? Most of us have – whether it’s a beach wedding, a business awards night or a fundraiser,  dressing for an occasion that is not a usual part of our daily life can be confusing and leave you feeling less confident that you would like to be feeling!

Your first step is to check the invitation for the dress code. Hopefully the expectations of the host in regard to guest attire will be clear, and this is usually the case with weddings. You might see the words ‘Formal’, ‘Smart Casual’ or ‘Cocktail’, for example.

If you’re attending an event such as a ball, fundraiser or business awards, the dress code may not be so clear, although clues are often in the title of the event – a black tie ball or a cocktail party fundraiser etc. If it’s an annual event, perhaps you can have a look at websites and/or social media pages for photos from previous years for guidance.

Smart Casual

Probably the trickiest of all dress codes, and you really have to consider what type of function you’re going to – what might be considered smart casual for one event might be too casual or dressy for another. Generally though pants, above the knee dresses and flat shoes are all acceptable.



A knee length dress (above, on or below the knee – whichever suits you best), an evening pantsuit, dress pants and evening top are all appropriate. If you’re a clever dresser, you can go straight from work to play by wearing a simple but well fitted dress, and then changing your shoes, accessories and lipstick.

It’s really best to avoid wearing a full length dress to a cocktail event – especially if it’s a wedding.


Anthea Crawford dress

Black Tie

Black tie events generally start after 6 pm, and are pretty fancy! Men will be tuxedos (yummo!). Floor length gowns are traditionally worn to black tie events, but in this day and age, a cocktail dress in rich colour or fabric will suffice – just make sure your accessories, hair and make-up are immaculate so you don’t look too casual.

White Tie

The most formal of the formal. Dress in a floor length gown, adding gloves and wearing your hair up.

white tie.jpg

Photo from Vogue

Can you wear white to a wedding?

Although it’s becoming more common, I’d check with the bride. The safe bet, though, is not to, as even if the bride doesn’t mind, you can bet someone will take offence at your ‘attempt to steal the bride’s thunder’!


Remember you will feel more comfortable if your outfit matches your style personality so try and stay as true as you can!


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Three Wardrobe basics to buy during Winter Sales.


Winter sales are about to start in most clothing stores and although I’m not an advocate of waiting for it to go on sale before buying a garment, here are three items that you need in your winter wardrobe and can be bought on sale.

  1. Coat.


Metalicus Austin Textured Coat $199 (was $299.95)

A good quality coat in a timeless style will last much longer than just one winter.  A beige trench coat or a classically styled wool coat can be almost an investment, so buy the best quality you can afford. Which is even better if the coat is on sale. Make sure the colour and style will mix and match with your current wardrobe – you will want to be able to wear your new coat with everything. Look for a flattering fit and length.

2. Jeans

01 (1)

Jeanswest Tummy Trimmer Slim Straight $23.99, reduced from $69.99

Sale time is the perfect time to buy a high quality pair of jeans. When trying on jeans, remember that they will give almost a full size, so make sure the fit is super snug. Generally speaking, if you want a dressier pair of jeans, choose dark or black denim, but for a casual look, go for a lighter or faded denim. And yes, no matter what your age is, you can wear ripped jeans, while they remain on trend. For solving problems often encountered with buying jeans, read my blog here.

3. Leather boots.


Sandler Lennox Black Glove boots at Myer $174.96, reduced from $249.95

Not only will you be stepping out in style with a brand new pair of stylish leather boots, you’ll also have a spring in your step if you managed to get them at discounted price!

One of the most important thing about choosing boots, besides comfort, is the correct length. A flattering boot will lengthen and slim your legs, while the wrong boot will do the reverse. Choose a style that fits with the clothing you already own – if you have a wardrobe full of classic clothing, a pair of cowboy boots are not going to get much wear!


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Get Dressed For Success – What your wardrobe says about your business.


What does your wardrobe say about your business? Because what you wear as a business owner matters – a great deal.


Did you know that when you meet someone for the very first time, they will form an opinion of you within three seconds, based on your non-verbal behaviour (body language), hair colour, body shape…. and the clothes you are wearing.

“Humans persistently make biased decisions based on minimal, misleading and misunderstood first impressions”

Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business school Psychologist

According to a recent Morgan Research Poll, 67% of people believe that good first impression is very important and place a lot of trust in that initial impression. Disturbingly though, if they get a negative first impression of you, nothing that you say or do will influence them to change their mind about you.

In the first three seconds of meeting someone, they have judged you. Hopefully as confident, trustworthy and competent, but it’s also possible that you’ve been judged as as weak, lazy and careless. Whether their perception is correct or not doesn’t matter much. It’s too late.

For the business person, using your wardrobe as part of your personal branding is a great strategy.

Dress to reflect not only your personality, but also your business. And not just your business, but the most successful vision of your business. In other words- as Roxette once sang about – get dressed for success.

The way you dress can also reflect the ‘personality’ of your business.

spud king

Think of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, in his khaki shirt and shorts and Spud King, Tony Galati, in his blue singlet and stubby shorts. These men created a trademark personal style and just one look at both these men  gives a correct first impression of both themselves and their businesses.

steve irwin

A quick look at fashion designer Alannah Hill will tell you exactly what to expect from her previous clothing label and her new ‘Louise Loves’ label. It’s going to be all girly, feminine and frills. No pinstriped power suits anywhere to be found.



There should be continuity in your wardrobe across all your business marketing, whether it’s your social media, website and promotional material.

Next week, I’ll give you some step by step tips to defining your business wardrobe style.

Do you have any particular problems or issues with your work wardrobe? Please let me know by commenting. I’m happy to help…..

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.



Jeans – Problem Solving Style Advice


Jeans – A Wardrobe Essential

No matter what age or shape you are, a flattering, comfortable pair of jeans in your wardrobe is an absolute must -have. If you don’t own a pair that look AND feel great, then read on – I’m looking at the various problems I’ve encountered fitting jeans to my clients (I am a Personal Stylist), and sharing some of my solutions.

The Muffin Top – Style Solution

To prevent tummy spillover, look for a mid-rise style with a wide waistband. Jeans designed for women, rather than teens are usually a better option. I recommend Katies Fashion Ultimate fit jeans. Wearing a top that is looser around the tummy, but fitted at the bust will work, if you currently own a pair of jeans that give you a muffin top.

katies ultimate

Katies Fashion Ultimate Fit

Plus Size Curves – Style Solution

A straight leg or boot-cut style with some stretch will be both slimming and comfortable. Mid rise is also more comfortable for you. Choose a darker denim, and avoid embellished pockets and ‘whiskers’ across the front.


City Chic CC Jeans

Flat Bottom – Style Solution

Flat bottomed girls – you make the rockin’ world go ’round! And here’s how to make your bottom look a bit rounder…..  Avoid flat low pockets, instead look for slit pockets or flap pockets. Pockets that sit higher will be more flattering.


Just Jeans 315 Stretch Wide Leg Ocean Jean

Large Hips, Small Waist – Style Solution

Look for stores that cater for women and not teens. Many have jeans with hidden adjustable elastic waistbands, so you get fit in the hips and at the waist too! No more gaps!


Rockmans Indigo Jeans

Long Legs – Style Solution

Who would think having long legs would ever be a problem? But, it can be hard to find jeans long enough. Cuffing your jeans is right on trend this season, which makes it easier, but you can also buy unhemmed jeans from Jeanswest and hem accordingly.

jeans 3

Jeanswest Long Boyfriend Jeans


I have covered the most common problems women have with finding the perfect pair of jeans, but if you have a problem that I haven’t helped with, please comment below.

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.