8 Steps to Developing your Clothing Style Personality

When we are young girls most of us prefer to conform when it comes to fashion. It’s very common to see groups of teens out all wearing a ‘uniform’ – same style jeans, same style top etc. etc.                               I’m sure we can […]

Deciphering Dress Codes – Made Easy

Have you ever been invited to a function and been unsure of the correct style of outfit to wear? Most of us have – whether it’s a beach wedding, a business awards night or a fundraiser,  dressing for an occasion that is not a usual part of our daily life can be confusing and leave you feeling less […]

Building Your Brand Using Your Wardrobe

In a recent blog post I explained the importance of making a good impression – in a nutshell, you have three seconds. So you can see that most first impressions will be based on body language and appearance. Although most of us aware that it’s not nice to judge someone based on the way they look, […]

Reasons Why Women Buy Clothes But Never Wear Them

Let me start with this sobering statistic: In Australia, over her lifetime, a woman will buy more than 100 items of clothing that she will never wear! Add that up in monetary terms, and tell me again why you think shopping with a Personal Stylist is too expensive? I’ve conducted dozens of wardrobe audits and I don’t […]

Get Dressed For Success – What your wardrobe says about your business.

  What does your wardrobe say about your business? Because what you wear as a business owner matters – a great deal. Did you know that when you meet someone for the very first time, they will form an opinion of you within three seconds, based on your non-verbal behaviour (body language), hair colour, body […]

Fifty and Fabulous! How to Dress Stylishly at 50 and Beyond…..

If there is one thought that can strike terror into almost every mature woman’s heart it’s the fear of being described as mutton dressed as lamb. None of us want to age, but hanging in there with clothing designed for twenty something girls is not a good look. The trick is to learn how to be […]