Pokemon Go – What to Wear!

It appears that catching Pokemon has recently become a national pastime and as such it’s my duty as a Personal Stylist to give you some guidelines on what to wear so you can look stylish while capturing Pokemon.

Footwear – choose comfortable and good looking shoes, with sufficient grip to allow you to run and leap when necessary.

Pants – choose a style with lots of stretch. Pokemon Go players are sometimes required to climb over fences into private property (so I’ve heard) so dresses are definitely out of the question.

Tops – A T-Shirt emblazoned with your favourite Pokemon is just perfect.

Costume – Cause confusion and show those Pokemon you mean business by disguising yourself as one of them.

Head wear – I suggest you wear a balaclava to avoid being recognised by friends and family.

Although this may lead to others misunderstanding your activity and YOU could end up being the one captured.

If you would like to know more contact me via my website or Facebook page.


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