Personal Shopping Online

Occasionally I get asked if it’s possible for me to do an online shopping session with clients who live in a remote areas (or anywhere not close to me).

Although I’m aware that this is a service offered by some stylists, it’s not one that I’m comfortable doing.

There are simply too many margins for error:

Colour – even if I have met the client and I’m fully aware of her colouring, it is impossible to know the EXACT colour of any garment by looking at a photo (especially when it comes to blues and purples). And you really cannot tell whether the colour is warm or cool until you are looking at it with your own eyes. When I am physically with a client I can see immediately whether the colour is flattering or not – and it’s  only a slight shade or tonal change that makes the difference.

Sizing – One store’s size 12 is another store’s size 16, is another store’s Medium etc etc.

Fit – How a garment sits on a client is so important! For example – Is the garment’s waist sitting on the client’s natural waist? If not, the client may appear to have a larger tummy. Where does the hemline sit in relation to the shape of the leg? The wrong hemline length can shorten and widen the client.

Comfort – Even if the colour, size and fit are perfect, I watch the client for signs that she might be feeling uncomfortable (physically and emotionally) in the garment. If she is not completely comfortable it goes back on the rack.

Time, Convenience and Cost – Clients come for a Personal Stylist because it’s an efficient and convenient way to solve your wardrobe dilemmas. Ordering online is not as quick, not if it’s done properly. Each garment photo has to be analysed and scrutinised. Measurements have to be checked.

Then you wait. For the parcel.  To arrive. If something is not right, then returns, replacements or refunds have to be organised. Then you wait. Again.

It’s a much quicker, convenient and reliable process to go to a shopping centre with a reputable Personal Stylist. Like me 🙂

If you would like to know more contact me via my website or Facebook page.


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