Real Women have Curves?

You know what I’m sick of?

Being constantly told what defines a ‘real’ woman.

If you google ‘real women quotes’ you’ll be bombarded by thousands of different definitions of what a real woman is.

You don’t have curves? Sorry, apparently you’re not real.

A lot of brands use the term ‘real women’ combined with pictures of beautiful plus size women in their marketing, which kind of implies that if you’re a 180 cm tall size 8 woman, you might just be a figment of someone’s imagination!


Lane Bryant ‘I’m No Angel” ad campaign photo

And have another look at those advertisements. Apparently not only do ‘real women’ have curves, but they are all YOUNG too!

How about we start a “real women have wrinkles” campaign……

I am a woman.  My body has changed from stick thin in my teens and twenties,  muscular and toned  in my thirties and forties, and now, in middle age,  it’s soft and mature.  I’ve been pregnant, given birth, breastfed, a gym junkie, fitness freak. I’ve been overweight and underweight. But one thing about my body NEVER changed. The realness of it.

Can we just stop it?

Stop categorising women as real by their size or shape.

creativity is Intelligence having fun











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