Rockingham Long Table Lunch – What to Wear



Photo courtesy of Rockingham Long Table Lunch

The Rockingham Long Table Lunch is coming up this weekend, and it’s one of the most exciting events on the calendar here. I was lucky enough to secure VIP tickets for myself and my husband and I have been looking forward to it from the moment it was announced!

The event is held ON  the beach – yes, the real beach with sand and salt water – and if you’ve ever been to the Rockingham foreshore, you’ll know just what a stunning location it is.

No matter what outfit you choose, you’ll need a sunscreen and a hat.

Ladies, now is your chance to wear a brightly coloured and patterned kaftan. Team with a pair of bejewelled sandals or thongs (we’re in Australia, but if you’re not, I mean flip-flops or jandals) and you have the perfect outfit for this occasion.

Maxi dresses are another great option, and again I suggest you choose something colourful, or add some bright accessories.

If dresses aren’t your thing, then printed pants combined with a brightly coloured top will look great.

Men, you’ll look great in a pale linen shirt and either shorts or chinos. Roll your sleeves up to just below the elbow, and team with boat shoes for a smart, casual and practical look. A paper fedora  will top your outfit off perfectly. And literally 😉

Enjoy yourselves and see you there!


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