Reasons Why Women Buy Clothes But Never Wear Them

Let me start with this sobering statistic: In Australia, over her lifetime, a woman will buy more than 100 items of clothing that she will never wear! Add that up in monetary terms, and tell me again why you think shopping with a Personal Stylist is too expensive?


I’ve conducted dozens of wardrobe audits and I don’t think I’ve ever had a client who didn’t have at least one garment hanging up in her closet still with shop tags on. Here are some of the most common reasons I hear..

“I bought it on sale.”

No matter how much an item is reduced by, you will be wasting your hard earned cash if you never wear it. A $200 dress reduced to $50 is still a waste of $50, if it doesn’t suit you, fit you properly or just doesn’t feel right.

A good rule to adopt is to never buy anything on sale that you wouldn’t buy at full price.

“I bought it online.”

Online shopping is great fun and by the time your purchase arrives you kind of feel that it’s a present arriving for you, don’t you? There are so many ways you can be disappointed though – the size,  fit, the colour, length, shape can all be different to what you were hoping for.  You must be prepared to return any garments that are not ‘right’. Do it immediately- the garment is not going to magically improve hanging in your wardrobe!


“It’s just not my style.”

This commonly happens when you take a friend/sister/partner/Mum shopping with you to help you choose something.

When you allow others to choose for you, it’s highly likely that they will choose the items that they like for themselves. They may be clever enough to get the fit and colour just right for you, but whenever you put the garment on, it just doesn’t feel right. Each of us lean towards certain style ‘personalities’and wearing something that doesn’t fit in with that may feel like you’re wearing a costume.

One of the hardest parts of being a Personal Stylist is learning to choose clothes and outfits for the client’s style personality and completely switch off from my own personal style and has taken a lot of training and practice. Relying on a friend, no matter how well they dress themselves, can be an expensive and ultimately fruitless, waste of time and money.

“I don’t know what to wear with it.”

Impulse buying often leads to  a hit and miss wardrobe full of clothes – but very few outfits!

Before buying on impulse, take a deep breath and ask yourself if it will have at least three ‘friends’ already in your wardrobe – i.e. can you immediately wear it with three existing items ?

Does it fit in  with your style personality and work with the colours of your existing wardrobe?

Personal Shopping and Styling sessions can save you both time and  money.

If you are guilty of ever thinking or saying any of the above, I am happy to help you dress fabulously!

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5 Styling Tricks to ‘Trim’ your Tummy

Learn how to style your clothing and accessories to give an illusion of a flat tummy and slimmer waist, without having to diet or do one crunch. Here’s five of my favourite personal styling tips on what to wear :

1. Ruched tops and dresses.

Ruching is a gathering of fabric. When ruching happens over the tummy area, any lumps and bumps are hidden. Look for garments where the ruching forms a visual triangle for an even more flattering effect.


2. Prints and patterns.

Like ruching, prints and patterns will distract the eye and are more flattering than a plain block of colour.  Although black is universally acknowledged to be slimming, a small print on a dark background can actually work better. Especially when black is too harsh for your face.

3. Bring the eyes up!

Personal Stylists love this little trick. A scarf, a statement necklace or earrings will draw attention upwards and away from problem areas.

4. Wear a long pendant.

A pendant that sits in the area from between your breasts to just above your natural waist will have a slimming effect for two reasons – A.  It creates a deep vee causing up/down eye movement and B. It draws attention to the narrowest part of your torso.


5. Shapewear

Love it or hate it, the reality is that shape wear works and it opens the door to wearing outfits that you wouldn’t dream of! When I owned a fashion boutique, we sold Spanx , well, to be more accurate, the Spanx sold themselves. A mother of two month old twins came in one day to buy a dress, saw the poster and asked if they really worked. I gave her a pair to try on and also a rather fitted dress in an unforgiving jersey fabric. She tried the dress on first, and laughed saying she would/could never wear it. She then put the Spanx on. She bought the Spanx and the dress. Four other women shopping in the store also bought themselves a pair of Spanx too!


What Not to Wear.

One of the most common wardrobe mistakes made happens when you wear something that draws the eye straight to the tummy area. So avoid belts with large statement buckles, patterns with eye-catching points, colours or circles on the largest part of your midriff, and any garment adds bulk, like baggy clothing and bows.

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I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


Real Women have Curves?

You know what I’m sick of?

Being constantly told what defines a ‘real’ woman.

If you google ‘real women quotes’ you’ll be bombarded by thousands of different definitions of what a real woman is.

You don’t have curves? Sorry, apparently you’re not real.

A lot of brands use the term ‘real women’ combined with pictures of beautiful plus size women in their marketing, which kind of implies that if you’re a 180 cm tall size 8 woman, you might just be a figment of someone’s imagination!


Lane Bryant ‘I’m No Angel” ad campaign photo

And have another look at those advertisements. Apparently not only do ‘real women’ have curves, but they are all YOUNG too!

How about we start a “real women have wrinkles” campaign……

I am a woman.  My body has changed from stick thin in my teens and twenties,  muscular and toned  in my thirties and forties, and now, in middle age,  it’s soft and mature.  I’ve been pregnant, given birth, breastfed, a gym junkie, fitness freak. I’ve been overweight and underweight. But one thing about my body NEVER changed. The realness of it.

Can we just stop it?

Stop categorising women as real by their size or shape.

creativity is Intelligence having fun










Rockingham Long Table Lunch – What to Wear



Photo courtesy of Rockingham Long Table Lunch

The Rockingham Long Table Lunch is coming up this weekend, and it’s one of the most exciting events on the calendar here. I was lucky enough to secure VIP tickets for myself and my husband and I have been looking forward to it from the moment it was announced!

The event is held ON  the beach – yes, the real beach with sand and salt water – and if you’ve ever been to the Rockingham foreshore, you’ll know just what a stunning location it is.

No matter what outfit you choose, you’ll need a sunscreen and a hat.

Ladies, now is your chance to wear a brightly coloured and patterned kaftan. Team with a pair of bejewelled sandals or thongs (we’re in Australia, but if you’re not, I mean flip-flops or jandals) and you have the perfect outfit for this occasion.

Maxi dresses are another great option, and again I suggest you choose something colourful, or add some bright accessories.

If dresses aren’t your thing, then printed pants combined with a brightly coloured top will look great.

Men, you’ll look great in a pale linen shirt and either shorts or chinos. Roll your sleeves up to just below the elbow, and team with boat shoes for a smart, casual and practical look. A paper fedora  will top your outfit off perfectly. And literally 😉

Enjoy yourselves and see you there!

Travelling with only 4 Pairs of Shoes

If you choose your shoes carefully, you can travel for extended periods of time successfully with only four pairs of shoes. As you’ll be wearing one of these pairs, you only have to pack three pairs into your case, giving you more space and weight for souvenirs!

Take into consideration the climate and purpose of your travel before choosing your shoes, but here is my guide:

  1. Comfortable and good looking walking shoes. You can wear these for sightseeing, exercising and shopping. Try to choose a lightweight and washable shoe, like this style from Diana Ferrari.

    Diana Ferrari ‘Scottie’washable sneaker $139.95  Available from Williams.

    2.  A pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats for a cooler climate OR sandals for warmer weather. Choose a neutral colour that will coordinate well with your clothing. Wear with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts again while sightseeing or shopping.


    ‘Prima’ballet flat from Spendless shoes. On sale for $19.99


    ‘Moonta’ sandal from Spendless shoes. On sale at $19.99

    3. Versatile heels. Choose a colour that matches with all your clothing, and a heel that you can comfortably wear for hours. Wear with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers for lunch and dinner, or anywhere where you want to dress up. A closed toe for cooler climates or strappy sandals for warmer weather.




    4. Thongs OR Boots. In hot climates, throw a pair of thongs (flip flops, jandals, or whatever you call them where you live) into your suitcase. Great for the beach, wearing around the pool or shopping in casual areas. If you’re travelling to cold weather then a pair of boots will be very handy. Choose a comfortable style in a neutral colour, with a low to mid heel. The length of the boot can be ankle, calf or knee – your preference.


    Shoe bootie from Dotti, $69.95


    Roxy Viva thongs, City Beach, $15.99

    And that’s it! Trust me, you do not need any more shoes. And seriously, if the worse happens you do find you need another pair, go shoe shopping. You have plenty of room in your suitcase to bring home one, two or three brand new pairs.