Sizing up Accessories

You’re probably all aware of the fabulousness of accessories  You can draw attention to your best features, complete an outfit and create vertical lines with the right pieces.

But it’s also important to get the scale right, and match the size of the accessory to your frame.

For a petite woman, wearing big and/or chunky accessories will swallow her up and she will  look all out of proportion. This is especially noticeable when a petite woman wears high chunky heels. The eye is drawn straight down to the feet.

Petite women should choose necklaces with finer details and small to medium sized handbags.

A larger framed woman will look fabulous when she chooses big accessories – think bold statement necklaces, big totes and handbags, and chunky heeled shoes. Avoid thin strapped stiletto heels, small clutches and fine, short necklaces.

Larger framed women should choose longer statement necklaces, wrist cuffs, thick heels and medium to large sized handbags.


Recommended for large framed women – I especially like the narrow ankle strap. From Novo Shoes


A good choice for petite woman, from Novo Shoes


Petite women should choose small to medium sized handbags like this one from Colette Hayman.


Larger framed? Choose a medium to large sized bag like this tote from Colette Hayman


Necklace for a petite woman from Katies Fashion


If you’re a larger woman, you can choose bigger, bolder statement pieces like this one from Katies Fashion


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