6 Cool Tips for Heatwave Dressing

Extreme high temperatures are expected here in Perth, Western Australia, for the next few days. Dressing stylishly and keeping cool at the same time can be challenging – although not as challenging for me as stopping my make-up from sliding down and ending up on my chest somewhere! But that’s another blog…..

Here are my six top tips for cool dressing:

  1. Pick your fabric. Choose from cotton, linen and viscose rayon because they absorb moisture and allow air circulation. Avoid synthetics, silk and wool.
  2. Hang loose, mother goose. Choose breezy dresses over tops and pants. Avoid wearing tight or clingy clothing and go for looser, flowing garments.
  3. Go light. Dark colours absorb heat so wearing white, beige and pastels will keep you cooler.
  4. Wear Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Okay sunscreen itself won’t cool you down, but it will prevent sunburn. And sunburn is hot. This heatwave is going to last a few days, so if you get sunburnt on the first day, you will be more uncomfortable during the following days. Choose a paper or straw hat for air circulation.
  5. Go sleeveless. Avoid underarm sweat stains. If you’re self-conscious about your upper arms, deflect attention away by highlighting your wrists – wearing bright, big bangles will draw eyes.
  6. Flat Feet – Heat makes feet swell, so avoid heels and go for pretty, flat sandals.
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