How to survive Summer with ‘Tuck Shop’ arms.


It’s a common problem for a lot of women – flabby arms. If you’re self conscious about your upper arms, dressing for summer can be difficult when a lot of the fashions are sleeveless.

I recently found a product via Facebook called Nude Sleeve, and they have very kindly sent me their product to review.


When I opened the pack it looks like a pair of pantyhose for your arms – which is exactly what it is. And when you think about it, it makes sense – legs always looks firmer and smoother with pantyhose. The fabric is quite sturdy, so by taking care when putting on or off and washing, the Nude Sleeve would last well.

nude beforeafter

nude sleeve1

I suggest when wearing Nude Sleeve under a sleeveless top or dress, that you wear a watch or bangles where the cuff ends. Not only will this disguise the cuff, but it also draws attention to your wrists, which is one of my top three slimming tips.

Nude Sleeve collage

Nude Sleeves come in tan, natural and black, small, medium and large, and can be purchased online here.

Just imagine how much easier shopping you summer wardrobe is going to be!


Three ways to instantly looking slimmer!

What if I told you I can make you look like you’ve lost up to 10 kilos, without you even breaking a sweat?

While working as a stylist, I’ve learned many little tips and tricks (at least 25) that help to visually slim a body, and depending on your size, combining some of these will visually take up to ten kilos off you! Before I go any further, I personally believe that being slim is not the be all and end all of anything, but, while working as a stylist, I’ve learned that many women  do desire to look slimmer and it’s often part of the brief when hiring my services.

So here are three of my favourite and easiest tips:


  1. Push your sleeves up to just below your elbow to expose your wrists. Wrists are always proportionally slim and an attractive body part, so show them off. Highlight wrists with bangles, watches, bracelets etc to draw the eye towards them.

nude shoes

2. Match your hosiery to your shoes. This creates a longer, leaner looking leg. In summer, this means nude shoes.

v neck

3. Wear a deep V neckline (within reason!) . A deep V creates up/down eye movement, which is slimming. Balance wider hips with a wider neckline.

Each of these tips will visually take one to two kilos off – and I have over twenty more of them! If you would like to learn more, why not book into one of upcoming workshops, either in Devonport, Tasmania, or Rockingham, Perth, WA?

Returns: Repair, Replace or Refund?

A few days ago I bought an item at a store. It’s not an owner/operator store, but a nationwide chain store.

At the checkout, the sales assistant said to me “If there any problems, you can bring [the item] back for a store credit or replacement. We don’t give refunds.”

It’s actually illegal to say this. Because, by law, if an item is faulty the store MAY have to give a refund. But not always – it depends on the fault.

An example of a good store policy sign

  An example of a good store policy sign

This sign gives the impression that the store will not give refunds or exchanges, under any circumstances.

This sign gives the impression that the store will not give refunds or exchanges, under any circumstances.

If it’s a major fault, the customer can choose a refund, replacement or repair. On an item of clothing, a major fault would be something like the fabric tearing or fraying at the seam (on the first wear, and providing the garment is the correct size), or the colour running even though washing instructions were adhered to.

With a minor fault, the store gets to choose whether to repair, replace or refund. Buttons coming off, for example, is a minor fault.

If you simply change your mind, no matter what the reason is, then it’s entirely up to the store as to whether they refund, give store credit or do nothing at all.

To avoid any problems, always keep your receipts until the refund/return time has lapsed. The time frame will depend on the garment and it’s intended use. You can’t expect to return a garment that you’ve worn dozens of times before the problem arose.

Always wash in accordance with the instructions on the garment.

Lastly, deal with it as soon as you possibly can. Even if it’s a genuine fault, you’ll have your work cut out if you leave it for a few months before attempting to get a refund.

For more information, click here.

Spring Racing Fashion – What to Wear – What Not to Wear

I love the races! My husband will spend the days leading up to race days buying sports papers and studying in depth the form of every runner, working out which horse is going to win and how much to bet on said horse. (The time he spends before the races doing this is directly related to the amount of swearing that happens when one of ‘his’ horses invariably loses!)


But me! I spend the time beforehand preparing my outfit. From the top of my personally handcrafted headpiece to the tip of my pretty (but practical for the races) shoes, every inch of my outfit is designed to complete a whole look. I search stores, the internet, markets and more for the perfect dress, belt, gloves, shoes and accessories. I love it.

But not everyone shares my passion. And for the big race days and meetings, there are a few do and don’ts that you should adhere to, so I’ve put together a few tips for you:

1. Your headpiece is the icing on the cake, and you are the cake! Whether it’s a hat, fascinator or a simple headband, the important thing is that the colour, texture, material and size is appropriate for you, your outfit and the season. Leather and felt are great in Autumn and Winter, but inappropriate for Spring and Summer races.

2. Your dress (or skirt and top) should be well cut, not too tight,and knee length. Your shoulders should be covered. If you choose to wear a strapless or shoe string strap garment, you must wear a jacket and leave it on. Sequins, evening dresses, midriff baring and clubbing dresses should not be worn to the races.

3. Shoes – for Spring racing, bare, smooth legs and sandals and peep toe shoes are fine, but for Autumn/Winter race days wear closed in shoes and hosiery. Choose a comfortable heel that won’t sink into the grass, and one that’s not too high for you to be able to walk in gracefully. Leave your shoes on. Do not wear thongs.

4. Clutch – Traditionally this should match your shoes. Clever fashionistas of the field get away with mismatching, but if you are not confident doing this, play it safe.

5. Gloves – Where else in this day and age can you wear gloves? Again, save the leather and felt for the cooler race meetings, and choose lighter fabric gloves for Spring. Gloves are optional, but such a beautiful, finishing, stand out from the crowd look.

So there you have it… I am happy to help you style a Race day outfit – in fact, I would be ecstatic!