Why I Didn’t Buy the Dress that Looked Amazing on Me.


I was walking past Temt today, when this dress in their window display really caught my eye. I mean, like, really, really, really caught my eye! I was in the store, had the dress in my size and was in the changeroom faster than a fly can flap it’s wings.

It fitted me perfectly. A great style for my body shape, it was sexy but not too clingy. The fabric and the ruching draped my body in a very flattering way. But it wasn’t enough for me to buy it.

The colour looked lovely, and it made my complexion glow. A good colour on you will do that, whereas a colour that doesn’t suit you can make you look tired, sick and older. No-one wants that. But, it still wasn’t enough….

The dress suits my own personal style. I lean strongly towards the elegant, feminine and sexy styles, and this dress is that. But, still I didn’t buy it.

Price? At $29.99 it almost had me. But I knew not to buy it.

You’re probably almost screaming now “why didn’t you buy it?”. Here’s why…

I have a wardrobe where everything mixes and matches. If an item doesn’t mix and match with other garments and accessories that I already own, I don’t buy it. I have a personal aversion to wearing red with black (and yes, that does have something to do with the Essendon Football Club, haha), so this dress would require me to buy a new jacket, shoes and/or boots in nude or beige shades. Not such a bargain after all.

Walking away takes discipline, but if you really want a wardrobe that works well, it’s what you have to learn to do. Need a hand? Get in touch.